Re: [[css3-layout]] Dependencies and normative

Speaking (very humbly) as an outsider (one who is, from
time to time, forced to consume standards rather than
having to prepare them), my feeling is that adding
"normatively" to "This CSS3 module depends on the
following other CSS3 modules:" converts plain English
(comprehensible by any reasonably educated English
speaker) into jargon (capable of being comprehended
only by the /cognoscenti/).  Even if I study the
relevant definition of "normatively" kindly supplied
by Wikipaedia (not a source I would normally cite),
which reads as follows :

>  Standards
> In standards terminology, "normative" means "considered 
 > to be a prescriptive part of the standard". For example,
 > many standards have an introduction, preface, or summary
 > that are considered non-normative, as well as a main body
 > that is considered normative. "Compliant" is defined as
 > "complies with the normative sections of the standard";
 > an object that complies with the normative sections but
 > not the non-normative sections of a standard is still
 > considered to be in compliance.

I am less able to comprehend "This CSS3 module normatively
depends on the  following other CSS3 modules:" than I am
Bert's original casting : "This CSS3 module depends on the
following other CSS3 modules:".

I would therefore recommend retention of the original,
unmodified, form of the sentence.

Philip Taylor


Bert Bos wrote:

> "Depends on" already implies "normatively," in my mind, but I have no
> objection to add the word.

Received on Friday, 21 July 2006 23:57:21 UTC