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> This is a QA Review comment for "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module"

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> This "Dependencies on other modules" section is cool. It gives an insight on what the developers should read or not to implement things. It will be better  in the sentence:
> 	"This CSS3 module depends on the following other CSS3 modules:""
> to add "normatively".

"Depends on" already implies "normatively," in my mind, but I have no
objection to add the word.

> Also, it might be informative to link to a document showing all
> dependencies, a graph, drawing. for CSS 3 Framework.

Yes, that would indeed be useful, but I think two things keep us from
creating it:

1) We could generate such a graph automatically, but the result would
probably not be very useful, because the quality of the input varies
so much: some drafts are quite stable, others have not been reviewed
yet at all. The reliability of the graph would equal that of the least
reliable of its inputs.

2) A hand-made graph can indicate the reliability of its parts, but
keeping the graph up to date means work, and we already have a
shortage of time and people, so I'm afraid it won't happen any time

We have the same problem with our catalogue of properties. We would
like to have a complete catalogue of all properties, standard and
proposed, including those of XSL and SVG. We make such a catalogue
every once in a while, but it gets out of date so quickly, that it is
not worth publishing (indeed harmful), until we can guarantee its

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