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> Hi,
> This is a QA Review comment for "CSS3 Advanced Layout Module"
> 2005-12-15
> 1st WD
> About
> * General comment
> 	we found the specification easy to read. More graphical
> examples would be welcome, ascii art is not very modern. There's a
> lot of concerns with regards to the whole CSS architecture, but not
> specifically related to this document. It's another good job of CSS
> Working Group.

Agreed about more graphical examples, and they will come, but they
take time to create. Text is so much easier...

> * "CSS3" versus "CSS level 3"
> 	In the document, you are using both names, is there a difference? if not, could you stick to one way of calling it?

The official, full name is "CSS level 3." But because that is quite a
mouthful, it's abreviated to "CSS3." In fact, my intention is to
consistently use "CSS3" in the spec, except when there is a specific
reason to stress the word "level." But I see that there are is an
occurrence of "CSS level 3" where "CSS3" would do fine, so I will
change it. I will also add a sentence near the start that says
explicitly that "CSS level 3" is referred to as "CSS3" in the rest of
the spec.

> * Algorithm for layout
> 	Congratulations. I'm pretty sure it will be more than welcome by all developers.


> * HTML 4.01 
> 	In general case, most of the example are given in HTML 4.01, I
> think it would be worthwhile to say it at the start. So web
> developers/designers know what to do with the examples when they
> want to test.

HTML tend to be shorter than XHTML, which is helpful in examples. I'll
indicate what format (HTML, XHTML or other) each of the examples is

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