Re: Test Suite for Media Queries

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Chris Lilley wrote:
> Media Queries W3C Candidate Recommendation 8 July 2002 
> Is there a test suite in preparation for this spec? its been in CR for 
> three years. A couple of times this week I heard people refer to it, and 
> without a test suite no-one knows what the level of implementation is.

There is no official test suite yet. The CSSWG's test suite authoring 
resources are currently focused on CSS2.1, and were (prior to 2.1) focused 
on CSS3 Selectors. The CSS3 Media Queries, CSS3 Color, CSS3 UI, CSS3 Paged 
Media, CSS Print Profile, CSS TV Profile, and CSS3 Ruby candidate 
recommendations will probably not get test suites until after the CSS 2.1 
test suite reaches a mature level (unless, of course, someone volunteers 
to step up and write some tests for us).

To my knowledge there are two implementations of CSS3 Media Queries, one 
is in Opera's browser, and the other is in the browser built into some 
printers. I am not familiar with the latter implementation. The former 
implementation is not dynamic and supports only a limited number of media 
features. I have heard rumours of other vendors considering implementing 
this draft, however, so there may be other people interested in creating a 
test suite if you are looking for other people to work with.

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