Re: Simple template-based editing

On Thursday 29 September 2005 15:56, Robert Koberg wrote:
> Bert Bos wrote:

>  >     Name: editable
>  >     Value: auto | one | zero-or-one | zero-or-more | one-or-more
>  >     Initial: auto
>  >     Inherited: no

> Should the value just be "yes | no"? You mention in point one (and I
> assume the others?) that you can edit according to the DTD (ugghh -
> why not RNG or XSD? why go backward?).

"DTD" is just an example. I assume the editor has some idea of what 
content is allowed, but I don't care if that is hardcoded, from some 
DTD/schema, or some other way.

I thought that four values was a good compromise between keeping the 
property simple and extending the number of useful features. And also 
because I'm assuming there is a reason why NVu has more than one kind 
of template.

> If the DTD needs to be used (I 
> think it would), what happens when a CSS rule conflicts with the
> DTD/Schema.

The submitted document should be valid, I believe. So if the DTD/schema 
says that only one element is allowed, but the CSS rule says that there 
may be multiple, the editor should only allow one.

As a general principle, documents on the Web should be valid, i.e., a 
document that is labeled with the MIME type foo/bar should indeed be a 
foo/bar document. That holds for documents going from the server to the 
client as well as for documents going the other way.

(But as another general principle, the server should not trust what is 
sent and always check the submitted data; unless, perhaps, the data is 
digitally signed by a client that is known to never fail...)

> It seems like when this is fleshed out it would be like RNG's compact
> syntax.

I hope not :-)

> Problems will occur when you want to move something. That is a pain
> in the butt.

Yes, so maybe that should be considered out of scope.

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