Re: [css21] anonymous block boxes versus block boxes

Ian Hickson wrote:
>> In the first testcase I have used this markup wherein the SPAN
>> element is floated to the right:
>> # <div>Test<span>Test</span></div>
>> Per rule 3 of section 9.7 in CSS 2.1 the computed value of the SPAN
>> element its float property is 'block'. Per section I would
>> then assume that the the first four characters inside the DIV
>> element, all before the start tag of the SPAN element, are inside
>> an anonymous block box.
> No, no anonymouse block box; since the <span> is taken out of flow
> the Test is the only contents of the <div> and thus the <div> just
> has a line box. Correct rendering is for Test and Test to be on the
> same line, assuming there is room.

Interesting. Thanks. (Somehow I missed this e-mail.)

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 21 September 2005 12:33:56 UTC