Re: css3 absolute positioning and containing blocks question/suggestion

I had earlier suggested using pseudo parent containers to move and group  
objets to place anywhere in layout: .

Move-to is *at best* a half-hearted attempt to moving things around, and I  
don't know how it could be useful without total freedom. But there you  
have it in css3, it is obvious it somehow got the liking of the working  
group, which still amazes me.

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 05:55:28 +0300, Jacob Floyd <>  

> Someone sent me an e-mail and suggested using position: relative; to
> get a containing block of the parent (doh. Why didn't I see that,
> Thanks). So that's no longer a very good usage scenario, as it can be
> done currently, however, it still applies because for some authors it
> is more intuitive to say, position based on element x or element y...
> read on.


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