Re: Are there W3C definitions of presentation and content?

> I repeat, at the risk of being rude "What reason is there for  
> considering href part of the content?

I would pose question otherwise. If LaTeX typesetting system is capable to generate hyperlinks,
if XSL formatters can generate hyperlinks, if DSSSL renderers can do this, why CSS formatters 
should not be able to do the same? After all CSS is style language that is inteded to present XML/SGML
document to user, making page user friendly is not just changing colors and font styles, it may require
generating extra notes, links, embedding external content etc. Good CSS rendering engines de facto
support some kind of linking oriented CSS properties (for instance Prince can actuate hyperlinks
written in different XML languages, can generate and update cross references). 
So the question is why CSS WG does not want to standardize feature that the rest of style/formatting 
languages have and that would make XML + CSS approach more user friendly and selfcontained?

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Received on Monday, 19 September 2005 09:16:17 UTC