Re: Are there W3C definitions of presentation and content?

Matthew Raymond wrote:
> It doesn't even sound like a feature I'd want in CSS

Maybe you don't need it but we do and already use it. Especially when we need to render XML documents.
CSS rendering engine allows you to turn XML markup into formatted user friendly page, you can embed
images or other objects, but you can't  make links work (appantly there are a lot of XML applications does not use
XXXLink). For these purpose some CSS rendering engines introduced linking extensions that allow us to
handle many different XML based markup languages through one linking mechanism. This way of
controlling linking is superior over hardcoded XXXLinks as it provides more flexibility and allows authors to 
control via style sheet how link should be presented to user. Morover it allows users to address their needs better via user CSS. So we think it should be standardized.

Regarding separation of content and style, let me note that separating them is good thing not because onece upon the time someone said or wrote in specs that separating is GOOD and mixing is EVIL, but rather because style sheets provide more flexible control over rendering comparing to the case when formatting oriented instructions are hardcoded in document.

This is exactly what we need - more flexinble control over linking that  would allow us to render wide range of XML documents with CSS and would make XML + CSS documents more selfcontained, more accessible and more interoperable.

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Received on Monday, 19 September 2005 08:44:02 UTC