Re: XHTML+CSS single-source (multi-channel)

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 09:40:47 +0300, David Woolley  
<> wrote:
>> For example, here in Kazakhstan, at "Intimak" NGO we publish the same  
>> health
>> information as a webpage and as 2-fold double-sided A4 brochure format  
>> and
> I would say these versions were only suitable for in house rendering as
> CSS permits users to change things in ways that would break your  
> pagination,
> even if you've allowed for different printable areas.

User styles are nice possibilities but I am sure the power users would be  
apt to disable their user CSS if they want to properly print it, esp. on  
the presence of a note about disabling user styles when printing. Let the  
user worry about this, this should not be a thing to worry about by the  


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