Re: XHTML+CSS single-source (multi-channel)

> Today there is clear support for media-specific markup (@media screen,
> @media print) however I have not found in current CSS features the ability
> to support multiple different types of screen output or printed output
> (targets or channels).

This is supported by HTML in the form of alternative style sheets.  As
usual, the main problem is that the most popular browser (at least in
a global context) doesn't support it, and that the selection needs to
be made on a site by site, if not page by page basis.

I'm not sure if the generic XML mechanisms support such a feature, but
you are not using generic XML (and you've indicated no reason why
you really need to use XML at all).

> For example, here in Kazakhstan, at "Intimak" NGO we publish the same health
> information as a webpage and as 2-fold double-sided A4 brochure format and

I would say these versions were only suitable for in house rendering as
CSS permits users to change things in ways that would break your pagination,
even if you've allowed for different printable areas.

> also A2 poster format.  Can XHTML+CSS used used to support this and to
> format multiple printed outputs from one XHTML+ one CSS file?

Received on Monday, 19 September 2005 06:42:03 UTC