Re: Are there W3C definitions of presentation and content?

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005 02:39:35 +0300, Bert Bos <> wrote:

> For me, separation of content and presentation isn't an axiom. It is
> one of the possible ways to achieve the real goal of the Web: easy
> access to information (and to communication). In other words,
> separation of style and structure (or presentation and content, but
> that doesn't alliterate :-) ) simply turns out to be a useful method
> in many cases.
> (I've written on that elsewhere before:
> )

Nice insight, Bert.

Would I be mistaken if I say that the aim of CSS is not the ultimate  
seperation of style and structure (While I wish for it.). This simply is  
not possible when the element order in the structure is vital for the  
layout on an html page. However, it should be fairly easy for an editor  
and author to assume, in a later time, that a certain chapter should  
appear before anything else in the book, and that modification is done  
fairly easily, if that portion is marked up well in a separate chapter  
(and for html, in an element with an ID)

Yes, we have xsl and everybody should learn it?


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