Re: Browsers will never get it right [was Re:Blocked-base parsing?]

On 9/14/05, Emrah BASKAYA <> wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:20:28 +0300, Orion Adrian <>
> wrote:
> > Highly styled pages will always look bad in many places. Rules like
> > this one are designed to allow for even more highly styled pages. I'm
> > against any rule to merely puts a new glossy coat of paint over an
> > old, ulgy problem.
> People who really want to show off their sites for Handheld navigation can
> and will use media queries. Not every site has to be browsed with a PDA
> (but Opera's small screen technology really shines). It can't get any
> worse than this, at least people will have hopefully dumped tables for
> layouts (in I guess about 4-5 years, when CSS3 is going to be picked up, I
> presume), than the pda's will have better time dealing with those pages.

1) Media queries don't solve this problem in the least bit since all
you can do with them is check for basic information, not data input
schemes (like physical controls).

2) Media queries only allow you to show and hide information since you
can't create behavior with them. Also javascript isn't supported
everywhere. It's unlikely that an author will have the resources to
make the dozens of designs necessary to make good experiences
everywhere which would require good support for HTML, CSS and
Javascript anyways.

3) Devices like phones and PDA's can't create good interfaces from web
pages because CSS is so intertwined with the page semantics that the
page only makes sense visually and only makes sense with CSS and


Orion Adrian

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