Re: Browsers will never get it right [was Re:Blocked-base parsing?]

> > But I am sure, with the absence of such a @required feature, the authors
> > will find great many hacks to use new CSS3 feature without making it
> > look silly on CSS2 browsers (classic example would be using less padding
> > when UA cannot display rounded corners), such as using CSS3 selectors
> > *just* for the sole purpose of eliminating CSS2 browsers.
> Yes, that's quite possible. However, the proposed feature wouldn't
> actually help with this case, since you'd end up with browser X claiming
> support for border-radius despite a fatal (but unnoticed when the browser
> shipped) bug. Or some similar thing.
> > Not that I don't understand your concerns, but it is a bit sad with how
> > we can't get out of this status quo.
> Well, we're looking for a solution. It's just that so far all the proposed
> solutions would either not actually help (such as here) or would make
> matters worse (such as "legitimised" UA sniffing).

Or mine which is make CSS a client-side technology only and
standardize better data specs which, of course, is very unpopular

If I could prove it was an uncertainty, I certainly would, but I
firmly believe that it is impossible to know enough information about
the client to make informed layout and formatting decisions on the
server or it would be so much work, it's not worth it. And seeing as
how we're still talking about problems like this, I haven't been
proven wrong by example.


Orion Adrian

Received on Wednesday, 14 September 2005 12:33:54 UTC