Re: [CSS21] Please endorse xml:id

On Sun, 26 Jun 2005 01:22:51 -0400, Andrew Fedoniouk  
<> wrote:

> CSS also asumes that this DOM represents "endless tape" coming
> incrementally.
> Consequence: famous vertical alignment.

I hadn't considered that one.

> CSS asumes that this DOM is always placed in some view having known
> dimensions and capable to set flags :hover
> :active :focus :link , etc. to its elements.

Can you demonstrate a case where one would want to (or, for that matter  
could) render content onto a canvas of -unknown- dimensions?

Interactive pseudo-classes aren't limited to HTML or XML, especially since  
they aren't even reflective of the document tree.  I suppose :link -was-  
specified with HTML in mind, but UAs for document types that don't have  
links can still be interoperable in every other respect---and  
interoperable with each other in every way.

I think you're just splitting hairs here, Andrew.  The conformance  
requirements do state that lack of a feature in a UA due to technical  
limitations of a platform does not make it non-conformant.  Granted, they  
don't say anything about limitations of the document type, but that seems  
the implication.  Perhaps they should state this explicitly, though?

J. King

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