[CSS21] Last Call: CSS 2.1 Specification

Hello www-style,

  The CSS Working Group has just published the CSS 2.1 Specification
as a W3C Last Call Working Draft. The new draft can be found at:


A diff-marked version of the specification showing the differences
between this version and the CSS 2.1 Candidate Recommendation dated
25 Feb 2004 is available at:


The deadline for comments is 15 July 2005. We expect the draft to
return to CR soon after that and then remain CR at least until the
test suite is ready. The Working Group invites feedback on the

  The (archived) public mailing list www-style@w3.org is preferred
  for discussion of this and other specifications in the Style area.  
  When commenting on this document, please put the text "CSS21" in
  the subject, preferably like this: "[CSS21] <summary of comment>".

The Working Group continues work on the test suite for CSS 2.1. It's
far from complete, so please contribute if you can. See:


to contribute tests. See at the end of that page for guidelines on the 
format. For dicussion of the tests, contributions and comments, there
is a dedicated mailing list public-css-testsuite@w3.org, archived at

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