Multi-column layout (was Re: DTP with XHTML+CSS)

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> For your information:

My bad. Should read the specs before posting, but just signed up and saw
a post dealing with something close to my heart.

Also, great work, the spec is currently more than I had hoped for.

One thought:
In the images, the column-rule is contained by the padding. I can't find
anywhere (overlooking it?) where it specifies that this should be the 
case other than the images. Is there a general rule that applies to this 
kind of thing elsewhere?

Is it customary to leave this kind of detail up the UA developers,
because I can see some of them connecting the column-rule to the box
border and some not. Then depending on padding then this would make the 
column-rule extend beyond the text on some browsers and not on others.

Personally I would prefer it if did connect to box border (even if the 
box border: 0;) - giving me the option of extending it, but ultimately 
would prefer similar reaction across UAs.


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