David Woolley:
> There are at least two ways in which DTP and HTML+CSS differ:
> - a typical DTP package has access to the whole document, but web 
>   standards are designed for incremental rendering;
> - a DTP package can be used in a closed loop environment, where the 
>   designer sees the result, and can fine tune the fit of text to the
>   page, but the assumption under which CSS operates is that it only 
>   hints at presentation - the browser may impose constraints for 
>   technical reasons and the user may impose constraints for reasons
>   including accessibility - that means designs must be created open
>   loop.

Nevertheless there is at least one product (Yes-Logic Prince) using 
X(HT)ML + CSS to generate print-outs, that also implements the CSS3 
Columns Draft.

Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2005 05:08:23 UTC