Importance of Selectors (was: Re: content-vertical-align and What is CSS aiming?)

> People are talking real passionately about selectors. The discussion on  
> Not many people will care to use them, esp. the complex ones. Why? I'd  
> guess it would be simply because, they would mostly serve for sites with  
> I am appalled at the disinterest to give CSS3 the true seperate  
> style/layout from content abilities while giving so many man-hours to the  
> selectors and such. I once did a suggestion on rearranging element order  

Selectors are what make CSS a style sheet language rather than a styling
overlay.  Style sheets mean that you can encode the house style and if that
house style is reasonably sensible, the encoding will be quite compact.
Styling overlays encourage the gratuitous use of styles, where the designer
chooses a style at a point in the document just because it looks good, rather
than because it mirrors, and therefore enhances, the structure.

Part of the problem may be that most demand comes from what is essentially
advertising copy, whereas house style tend to be associated more with
editorial content.

My personal view is that tagged PDF much better matches typical web site
work flows, in which layout and styling are more important than content.

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