Re: Initial Value

Felix Miata wrote:
> I have no problem with his explanation of how cascade is supposed to
> work. My problem is he fails to reconcile it with the plain language of
> 15.7 that clearly says ALL values are FIRST reset, which to me clearly
> means font-size is set to medium (in the 'font-size' list above
> "Percentages")

That's correct.  It is.

> a size that is ostensibly immune to font-size
> inheritance of author and user stylesheet sizing.


> Once reset is
> performed, medium should stand in the stead of the value from the
> parent.

Aha!  Here's the problem.  The value from the parent is only looked at when 
determining the _computed_ value of font-size.  We haven't gotten that far yet. 
  We're still determining the specified value.  The specified value is "medium" 
after the reset, then gets specified to something (70% in your case) by the font 

> nominal familiarity with and comprehension of 6.2 & 6.4

The section you want is 6.1.  See especially section 6.1.1.  Note that it talks 
about going through the _whole_ cascade first.


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