Re: CSS3 and better support for table free designs

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Thanks for the feedback.

>Hi, David,
>As far as I understand you are looking for something like this:

That's missing the right column?

>Your layout can be implemented easily as
>body { flow: horizontal; height:100%; margin:0 }
>#left { width: 100px; }
>#middle { width: 100%% } - will take rest left from #left and #right
>#right  { width: 200px }
><div id="left">...</div>
><div id="middle">...</div>
><div id="right">...</div>

I tested the above exactly and it didn't work-

I add one image to each div, but they all wrapped.

I also tried absolute positioning, which prevented the wrapping, but
it still messed up.

>flow:horizontal  changes flow of children in the block container from
>top-to-bottom to
>left-to-right with the same set of rules like margin collapsing.
>'flow' and  %% units are my personal invention - they are non standard.
>[ ]
>I heard rumors that somebody somewhere is designing css3-positioning
>module. I hope that there we will see something similar.

I hope so.

>Andrew Fedoniouk.

Thanks for trying.


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