Re: CSS3 and better support for table free designs

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004 03:24:39 -0400, Justin Wood
<> wrote:

>Sorry Andrew, but I think he was looking for a full compliant.
>from memory only, and not trying:
>enclose all main content in <div id="main_body">  (for my example)   
>left-sidebar <div id="left_sidebar">  and right sidebar <div 
>now these would be all at the same *scope* as far as child/parent nodes 
>are concerned.
>#main_body {
>    //nearly any style
>#left_sidebar {
>    float: left;
>    width: //reasonable
>#right_sidebar {
>    float: right;
>    width: //reasonable


I tried the above with reasonable widths and it went like this-

I tried something like this before and ran into a similar problems.

>something like that should work, as long as all three are on the same 
>scope, (if my tired mind still working right now) then they will float 
>at the top of content in all cases.   only warning is that they will 
>cause content reflow, and a UA which does progressive rendering of the 
>page (most if not all) and has some trouble when a reflow is caused 
>without Scripting code, this may be a slight issue for them.
>~Justin Wood

Thanks for trying.


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