Re: CSS3 and better support for table free designs

Hi, David,

As far as I understand you are looking for something like this:

Your layout can be implemented easily as

body { flow: horizontal; height:100%; margin:0 }
#left { width: 100px; }
#middle { width: 100%% } - will take rest left from #left and #right
#right  { width: 200px }

<div id="left">...</div>
<div id="middle">...</div>
<div id="right">...</div>

flow:horizontal  changes flow of children in the block container from
top-to-bottom to
left-to-right with the same set of rules like margin collapsing.

'flow' and  %% units are my personal invention - they are non standard.
[ ]

I heard rumors that somebody somewhere is designing css3-positioning
module. I hope that there we will see something similar.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> Hi,
> I just subscribed to the list and have a question.
> Will CSS3 have better support for multiple column designs.
> I've been trying in vane to create a fluid design with CSS that's
> mainly three column (left menu - content - right menu) without using
> tables. What I also want is to be able to serve the columns in what
> ever order I wish.
> Most likely content at the top of the code, then left menu, followed
> by right menu using absolute positioning etc...
> So far I can manage this with a static design where the columns have
> fixed widths, but fail when I try to give the design some fluidity so
> more of the browser window is used.
> Will this be possible with CSS3?
> If you are interested in why I'd want to do this, it's for search
> engine reasons. It's a common held belief that what's presented to the
> search engine spiders first (at code level) is treated more important
> than what comes at the base. With most designs this means the left
> menu is read first and so the real content comes much further down the
> page.
> I've created a fluid design that serves the content first for the site
> in my sig, if I try to add a right menu it messes up. What I'd really
> like is the left and right columns to be fixed and the centre content
> column to be fluid, but with a minimum width and the right column not
> wrapping under everything (this is apparently not possible in CSS2).
> Hope that makes sense :-)
> Thanks
> David
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Received on Saturday, 26 June 2004 00:48:21 UTC