Re: @font-face in CSS2.1

On Friday, October 31, 2003, 5:09:37 PM, Ian wrote:

IH> On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Did you get as far as -04-b before giving up?

IH> Yes, but I have now realised my mistake; I was in fact looking at the
IH> source of the harness, not the SVG test! My bad.

One of the reasons we need a component extensions framework is that it
is not currently possible to integrate functionality like view source,
search, etc. Each plugin has its own method, and doesn't even get to
add its method onto the menu when its component has focus.

Yes, typically you will right click or otherwise bring up a context
menu to get view source for svg.

>>> Do you have tests that test the actual @font-face rule?
>>  -04-b (and -05-b not yet published)

IH> Cool. Thanks.

04 tests both the @font-face construct and the 'fetch remote font'.
Recently I made the new test so that these were separately tested.

>>> In other words, do you have the tests that would be required for
>>> CSS2.1 to exit CR if we kept this feature in the CSS2.1 draft.
>> Not at that level of detail, no. Not yet. But then, its already more
>> than the published CSS 2.1 test suite has ;-) so I guess CSS 2.1
>> should be an empty spec by your criteria? ;-) / 2

IH> We will indeed be removing features from CSS2.1 if, when we try to exit
IH> CR, features have not been tested to that level of detail. (See the CR
IH> exit criteria.)

And to do that, you will need a test suite.


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