Re: CSS version selectors?

> Does anyone have any thoughts on CSS version selectors?
They would be nice to have for future browsers, but would be useless 
for a long time.  Also, as you said, this assumes browser makers 
wouldn't abuse the selector.  One flaw: the selector doesn't specify 
browsers as far as *how much* of the CSS version they support.

Because of this, I think it should be brought down to selector level.  
I'm not sure, but I think this capability is already in CSS.  If I 
remember right, browsers are to skip selectors if they don't support 
the given value, and use the next instead, as such:
ul#navigation {
	position: fixed;
	position: absolute;

Maybe I've got it backwards.

> html::css2 #main {
>   color: #fff;
>   background-color: #fff;
>   text-shadow: #000 0px 0px 5px;
> }
If we were to do something at version level, it might be better with 
@css2, so that whole blocks of CSS rules could be put together.
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