Re: CSS 4?

On Wednesday 22 October 2003, at 17:45PM, Tantek Çelik wrote:

> On 10/22/03 2:06 AM, "David Latapie" <> wrote:
> Which do you think is more successful in the market?

Isn't W3C pushing for XSL?

> Which do you think is easier to author?

Never used XSL, but people around said XSL is awful

> Which is showing active development (new specs, features being 
> published)?

I trust you on that, I thought XLS was active

> Which is more actively discussed on mailing lists?

Alright, I got my anwser :-)

Thank you. Now that I5/Mac is gone, what are you doing (out of possible 
minor releases)? Safari?


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