Fwd: new text-decoration proposal

On Wednesday 22 October 2003, at 18:41PM, Bert Bos wrote:

> David Latapie writes:
>> I propose a new text-decoration. By now they are almost redundant,
>> border-top and bottom being almost able to replace them. Leaving only
>> the unused strike-through as an original thing.
> Strike-through is used in practice. In fact, we use it sometimes when
> we update a draft of CSS to show the differences with the previous
> draft.

I think you mean the <del> element, wich emulates the same appearance.

>> My prposal would be a sort of "font border".
>> Three ideas:
>> - "hollow fonts" white with a black border. Is it the "engraved"
>> effect? I do not remember. And I would particularly like this one:
>> wood-like color (a carefully chosen shade of maroon) with a golden
>> border.
>> - inset and outset borders would have obvious use for
>> greco-roman/monument look
> These are defined in the CSS3 fonts module[1], as 'font-effect:
> outline' (or 'emboss' or 'engrave')
> [1] http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-fonts/#font-decoration

- great! But it doesn't allow other color. My proposal would do any of 
these (inset|outset|outline), the latter being just a particularity 
(black/inherit) or a greater scheme (the would allow for instance this 
maroon/gold idea or any other)

To sum it up, I think my idea do everything that font-effect does, plus 

- What is the status of CSS3? Can we propose new idea or just discuss 
about implementation, formulations... and express some ideas for 
"CSS4"? In other word, is the development in CSS3 "frozen"?


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