Re: double spaces between words

My point was that at present 75% of all browsers are IE5's on PC's,
therefore untill that number changes we have to use hacks.

If only the the IE PC guys were as standards compliant as the Mac guys
(thankyou Tantek!) I would have fewer gray hairs!

<rant>IE6 (PC) is more standards compliant than previous versions, but still
has glaring ommisions, especially when it comes to the DOM. With Microsoft
it seems to take for ever to get things changed! For example, a simple
matter of the CSS cursor property. IE-PC (wrongly) recognized the value
'hand' instead of 'pointer'. I reported this (both in person, orally, and
thru several emails) to people at MS who should have been able to do
something about it. I did this first in the  IE4 days. It has taken 3+ years
to get it fixed, and we are talking about changing only a few lines of
code(at most)!! The fact that IE-Mac did the correct thing  even made my
life more difficult, because I had to 'sniff' for both the browser and the

Contrast this with the response I get with the Mozilla group. Bugs or
non-compliance with standards that I report are usually corrected with in 3
weeks! Microsoft Mac seems to care about standards  (probably thanks to
Tantek). I have sadly come to the conclusion that the rest of MS only pays
lip service to standards.</rant>

PS. I'm quite hot at the moment! I'm sure I'll be dead and gone before IE
(PC) fixes the mess that they make of the DOM getAttribute() method. Just
today I had to write over 500 lines of code to hack around this. If MS had
been comliant it would have been 5-10 lines!

MS is even retro-gressinging! e.g. They used to be compliant with the
'length' property for DOM element counts, but with NET they have gone over
to the non-compliant 'count' property. There  are numerous other small
examples i could come up with, but it's past midnight where i am!

sorry for the rant

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> "The wordSpacing property is available on Macintosh beginning with
> Explorer 4.01. It is available for other platforms beginning with Internet
> Explorer 6."
> Yes, word-spacing works just fine in IE4+/Mac and IE6+/Windows.
> It is much better to use the 'word-spacing' property rather than polluting
> your document with presentational &nbsp;s.
> Tantek
> P.S. And in the "teach a man to fish" department: In general, to lookup
> whether a particular property is supported in IE, simply search Google for
> MSDN+property-name, e.g.
> Typically the first item in the search results is the page you want, and
> this takes you directly there:
> On 12/12/02 9:37 AM, "Frank Boumphrey" <> wrote:
> >
> > wordspacing is not supported on IE5, so regretably for the time being
> > must use &nbsp;
> >
> > Frank
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> >>
> >> Our  users  benefit  from  this,  some  fail  to separate  words
> >> otherwise.
> >>
> >> other  than  <pre>  I  have  not  found  a  way.
> >>
> >> any  suggestions.
> >>
> >> thanks
> >>
> >> jonathan
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