Re: IE 6.0 cannot handle Japanese yet

* MURATA Makoto wrote:
>Here is a totally correct XML document combined with a CSS document.
>Unfortunately, IE 6.0 still fails to handle them.


>The problem is non-ascii tag names.

Well, there are probably more problems, but yes, it fails to handle them
properly. However, an example like

  @charset "iso-8859-1";
  Björn { display: block; border: thick red solid }

in ISO-8859-1 and an likewise XML document like

  <?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>
  <?xml-stylesheet href='björn.css' type='text/css'?>

is correctly handled by IE6. However, IE6 requires for example
the type pseudo attribute to be present in the xml-stylesheet
processing instruction, this is another bug...
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