RE: IE 6.0 cannot handle Japanese yet


that's wrong.

The document of the URL specified is not UTF-8 but probably UTF-16 encoded.
You have to state any non-UTF-8-Encoding in the XML-Declaration. The
xml-declaration of your document is wrong, it has to be <?xml version="1.0"
encoding="utf-16"?>. So the document is no XML document (it is not

I have tested it, IE 5.5 seems to display it correctly (but it shouldn't),
but Opera 5.12 and Mozilla 0.9.3 failed to display the document. Opera 5.12
tried best in displaying [] (unknown char boxes), Mozilla complained about
the not well-formed document.

So the CSS document is currently of no interest because the document
referencing it is no xml-document, so the xml processing-instruction may not
be interpreted anyway.



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> Subject: IE 6.0 cannot handle Japanese yet
> Here is a totally correct XML document combined with a CSS
> document.  Unfortunately,
> IE 6.0 still fails to handle them.
> The problem is non-ascii tag names.  Mozilla can correctly handle
> such non-ascii tag
> names.  However, IE 6.0 continues to fail, although I have
> reported this bug for three
> years.  Please copy this URL and this post.
> Cheers,
> Makoto

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