Re: Comments on WD-css3-background-20010924

* Bert Bos wrote:
>> [...]
>>   For HTML documents, however, we recommend that authors specify the
>>   background for the BODY element rather than the HTML element.
>> [...]
>> Why? Does this also apply to XHTML documents?
>Tradition of the BODY BGCOLOR attribute.
>Good question. Since XHTML (at least from 2.0 onwards) is supposed to
>be an examplary XML-based format, with as little semantics as possible
>that is not derived from other specifications (CSS, XLink, etc.), and
>since XHTML doesn't have a BGCOLOR attribute anyway, I guess we can
>remove the special treatment of BODY in the case of XHTML.

Hence the user agent has to decide how to treat something HTML-special
depending on the MIME type of the document retrieved, i.e. text/html =>
treat it as HTML, application/xhtml+xml or some other XML media type,
don't treat it special?

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