Re: list style suggestion

* Stuart Ballard wrote:
>Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>> >It seems like list items could also be arrayed horizontally as follows:
>> >1.     The first item  2.      The second item
>> >       goes in here.           goes here.
>> These are actually columns, CSS Level 3 has a Column Module for this
>> kind of functionality, see
>Or how about:
>li { display: table-cell }
>li:before { content: counter(...) }

I am not sure how user agents shall handle this case. HTML user agents
may ignore this declaration and authors should not define such rules.
HTML controls nesting of different display-role and display-mode
settings but other document languages might have a different structure.
I think user agents should ignore a 'display: table-cell' unless the
element is a child of some 'display: table-row' element, no?

>It wouldn't be exactly right, but it would kind of work on today's

Will it in tomorrow's?
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