Re: list style suggestion

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> >li { display: table-cell }
> >li:before { content: counter(...) }
> I am not sure how user agents shall handle this case. HTML user agents
> may ignore this declaration and authors should not define such rules.
> HTML controls nesting of different display-role and display-mode
> settings but other document languages might have a different structure.
> I think user agents should ignore a 'display: table-cell' unless the
> element is a child of some 'display: table-row' element, no?

I thought that CSS defined that a table-cell element without a
containing table-row would "imply" a containing table-row, and a
table-row without a table would "imply" a containing table.

(Thus, in fact, the above set of rules might need "ul { display:
table-row }" to work right, because otherwise each li would become a
separate table... ?)

However, I can't say I've checked this against the CSS spec, so I'm
willing to be proven wrong...


Received on Wednesday, 17 October 2001 10:02:36 UTC