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> > I'm not sure I follow your argument. Are you saying that the 
> > type should
> > be required in the markup because one type of style sheet 
> > might be more
> > important than another?
> Exactly. I think that we have lost the most important factor here: css
> is *useless* for XML presentation unless both the XML and CSS 
> documents
> are written in the following ways:
> 1) The  XML document is structured (um... has it's contents 
> in a certain
> order) in a way that display of contents is meaningful without
> transformation.
> 2) The CSS knows that and just styles the document sections 
> accordingly.
It sounds like your argument is simply that, when both are present,
transforming stylesheets should take precedence over layout stylesheets.
This doesn't resolve the issues about what happens when both a CSS and a
JSSS stylesheet are present, or when XSLT and a to-be-written transforming
stylesheet are present. Also, I believe it's the author's job to notice that
a simple layout stylesheet is useless and to not include one.
Fantasai's rules make sense and ought to be incorporated into the "next
version" of the XML Stylesheet Recommendation.

Jeffrey Yasskin

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