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>     No good. Max-width still applies (in legacy UAs) to the
> content-width. The resulting box total width (again, in 
> legacy UA) will
> be 50% (of container) + margins + borders + paddings.

Sheesh, I guess that was my morning coffee talking.

>  In a CSS3
> conforming UA the width will be (with box-sizing:border-box) 50% +
> margins. Still too wide to fit two of them side-by-side in a container
> if any margin at all is present.
>     My proposal would allow such side-by-side placement very easily:
>      .myClass{
>       width:50% outside;
>       border:10px;
>      }
>     Furthermore, under my proposal, you can change/add/delete margins,
> borders, padding at will without worry that the fit will be 
> compromised
> -- unless, of course, the dimensions of these cause the content to no
> longer fit in what's left over for content-width.

Yes you are right but the problem remains. In a current browser, this
will render your .myClass elements one under the other, thanks to that
"auto" that occurs when "width:50% outside" cannot be interpreted.

Allow me to change my previous proposal to something like this:

 width-include:border(10px), margin(5%);

This way, border and margin width will only be interpreted if
width-include is known.

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