Re: Aural CSS

Concerning my post today to this list with the same Subject, someone (who
apparently wished to remain anonymous, as he wrote to me, not the list)
wrote, in part:
> The problem here is that both your plans defeat one of the
> main precepts of CSS: That content and presentation should
> be seperated. So CSS should not concern itself with the
> actual content presented; only the manner in which it is
> presented.

This is a problem with my plans, *except* that part of Plan A which allows
for {speak:attr(x)}.  The content is in the HTML.

> Furthermore, if you ask people to write their content twice
> (e.g. once in plain text, and once in IPA), they will not
> do it.

It seems (from this last amd from something he wrote further on) that the
gentleman misunderstood me.  I write here in case others did, too.  I do not
want the entire the Web page to be written twice over; only those elements
whose contents are to be spoken in a way different from the way they're seen
(as in the examples I gave in my original post).

Michael Hamm
BA Math scl, PBK, NYU

Received on Wednesday, 21 February 2001 17:30:37 UTC