RE: Direction

> From:	Michael Hamm []
> The Direction property (CSS2) allows only for 'rtl' and 'ltr' values.  I
	The direction should normally be left to the Unicode
	algorithm, so use of these should be exceptional.

> believe Chinese is written from top down (although I may well be mistaken;
	Traditinally it is written from top to bottom, I think 
	within right to left, although modern usage can allow
	left to right within top to bottom.

	However, the whole CSS block rendering model is based on 
	horizontal lines, so I don't think that you could get away
	with this change without a complete rework.

> in any event, I'm fairly certain *some* language(s) are written from top
> down).  It would therefore be prudent to add a 'ttb' (top-to-bottom)
> value,
	Some ancient languages are written left to right and right
	to left on alternate lines (boustrophon).  I think the 
	characters are mirrored on the alternate lines.

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