Re: DOM verifier??

Thursday 15 February 2001 13:22, firespring ΞΑΠΙΣΑΜ:
|   This is probably off-topic for this list, but I wonder if anyone knows
|   of any "verifier" that will check a document's compliance with the
|   Document Object Model? Some documents that I am playing with are
|   fully CSS, HTML, and XHTML compliant, but I believe they are falling
|   down on DOM compliance and I'm looking to figure out how.
|   Alternatively, is there some reference (similar to Eric's reference
|   on browser compliance with CSS) that describes how well each browser
|   version has implemented DOM?

Look here:

//  Information on Konqueror should be updated, as it is supports 
createElement (and may other DOM methods).  Version 1.9.8 is *too old* for 
reference, I am using 2.1 (from KDE 2.1 Beta2)

|   Rick J.


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