RE: Answers to comments on W3C Selectors Last Call WD

>01 feb 2001, www-style, 
>why a new Selectors version and not XPath which is a REC ? In chronological
order, Selectors were a REC
>long time before the birth of XPath. It is just an improvement.
Furthermore, other specs than CSS want to 
>use the CSS selecting mechanism and not XPath. 

That's not quite what I suggested. W3C Selectors are great for the current
version of CSS. I was asking if it is reasonable to migrate to XPath in
future versions of CSS.

Jeffrey Yasskin, MCSD

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Subject: Answers to comments on W3C Selectors Last Call WD

The attached document contains all the comments related to W3C Selectors
Last Call WD and the corresponding answers.

Thanks _a lot_ to all reviewers, your help is priceless.

Note: François Yergeau sent me a mail with a long list of specific 
comments about the french version of the document. Mostly typos and 
translation problems. All integrated in that version.


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