User Interface for CSS3

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W3C Working Draft 16 Feb 2000

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1.3 Summary of additions
	HML4 Tags: put quotes around attribute's values. Both are 
valid HTML 4 and even if it's to show deprecated tags, it encourages 
good writing of html toward xhtml.
	e.g. INPUT type=button -> INPUT type="button".

4.1 cursor
	There are sentences like "Often rendered as a...". Although 
"Often" means sometimes, I think it could be useful to indicate 
explicitely for the developpers, that it is not mandatory. 
Developpers have tendencies to respect  the physic's law of minimal 
work :).

5.2.1 Keyboard control
	Hmmm, You have defined
	<win-key> = win | rwin | lwin  <- Windows system
	<cmd-key> = cmd | rcmd | lcmd <- Macintosh system ? (I think 
the Apple key)
	This is very hardware oriented. There is no indication in a 
short time that these companies will disappear, but why only these 
ones.  Is it really necessary, or is it possible to have other 
mechanisms to bind the keys you need with the name you want. Just a 

There's no conformance section in this document. Could you please 
define the conformance?

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