Re: CSS3 module: W3C selectors.

Karl Dubost wrote:

> Dear editors,
> I have read the "CSS3 module: W3C selectors" [1] specification, and I 
> have few comments on the QA side.
> First of all, bravo, many examples, clear to read. 

Merci Karl !!! (je te dois de l'argent ?-)

> In the conformance section, we can read:
> ********************************
> User agents must observe the rules for handling parsing errors:
> *    a selector containing an invalid simple selector, an invalid  
> combinator or an invalid token is invalid.
> *    a group of selectors containing an invalid selector is invalid.
> *********************************
> I would be very happy to see a definition of invalid. What does it  
> mean invalid in a developper point of view? It's too ambiguous.
> So it could be good to have a clear definition of "is invalid" and  
> explain what a developper must do when he's faced to an invalid  
> selector. 

Good point. An invalid selector - for example - is a selector that 
generates a parsing error, ie containing an unrecognized token or a 
token which is not allowed at the current parsing point. We can 
generalize that explanation.


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