NS4, DIVs, and server-generated content


i have a page made up of a bunch of absolutely-positioned DIV tags.  these
DIVs, of course, have internal content.  in my prototype, all this content
is simple static HTML.  when i moved the page into production, though, it's
then generated as PHP (on the server), and the DIVs lose their "absolute"
status and begin flowing as relative.

here's my prototype: http://www.werewolf.com/2001_design.html

and the production: http://www.werewolf.com/2001_design.phtml

the production also has some additional stuff.  if you look at them in IE,
you can see the differences.  but if you look at them in NS4, the phtml page
is all over the place (and you can ignore the moon-shadow thing -- i don't
think that problem is related).

why would server-side scripting cause something like this?

Received on Monday, 12 February 2001 10:55:27 UTC