Comments for WD-css-mobile-20010129

Here are very minor comments for your CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 Last
Call Working Draft [1], to use or not, as you see fit.

In Status of this document, W3C organizations and maturity levels can
be capitalized as they are in the Process document: working group ->
Working Group, last call -> Last Call, style activity -> Style
Activity, working draft -> Working Draft.

RFC 2119 can be a reference, and section 2 could say:
"...The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL
     "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described
     in [RFC2119]."
If you don't want to use the RFC, then those words need definitions.

HTML Tidy (or another tool) with indentation off will remove leading
spaces in the source. This will reduce the file size by about 10%.

 From here down, a section number is followed by a quote and then a

TOC 6. (the heading is right) and 6. list item 2

1. par. 1
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2) specification
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2) specification [CSS2]
(Link the first occurrence.)

1. last par. needs an ending period.

2. list item 5 and 5. list item 6
HTML 4.0 [HTML40]
HTML 4.01 [HTML4]
and the former needs a link [<a href="#ref-html4">HTML4</a>]

3. par. 1
In addition to these selectors,
[I am trying to find a good place to state the obvious in prose, that
the selectors and properties marked "Yes" are in the mobile profile.
This might be the place?]
In addition to the selectors marked "Yes" in the CSS Mobile column,

3. E
(i.e., and element of type E)
(i.e., an element of type E)

3. E F
descendent (twice)
Though both spellings are correct, CSS1 and CSS2 use the second.

3. E:lang(c)
The :lang() pseudo-classe
The :lang() pseudo-class

3. div.warning
The same as div[class!="warning"]
The same as div[class="warning"]

4. 'list-style-type'
upper-alpha ,none
upper-alpha, none

7. par. 1
style sheets

et al.

17 December 1996, revised 11 January 1999


A. [HTML4]
"HTML 4.0 Specification"
HTML 4.01 Specification

In A., all three references can say they are W3C Recommendations.
Also, the titles should be links.


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