Re: New CSS utility: SelectORacle

At 2001-04-14T07:51-0400, Eric A. Meyer wrote:-

>    When you scroll down further, it reveals that the actual error tripped was
> "Invalid content type."  I checked and your file does appear to be coming as
> text/css.  Are you sending relatively unusual HTTP/1.1 headers, or anything
> else which most Web servers don't send, along with your stylesheets?  This
> error is really weird, because the oracle will load other external stylesheets
> I've tried, including the W3C Core stylesheets that are script-generated; and
> so far as I can see, there isn't a reason to throw an invalid content type
> error.

Just a guess: The Content-Type for the problematic style sheet is given as
"text/css;charset=iso-8859-1"; is it the charset parameter that is causing
the problem?

Tim Bagot

Received on Saturday, 14 April 2001 08:35:10 UTC