New CSS utility: SelectORacle


    My colleagues at The OPAL Group and I are proud to announce the 
availability of a new tool intended to help authors everywhere 
understand how CSS2 selectors work: the SelectORacle.  This handy 
tool takes CSS2 selectors and explains them in English terms for ease 
of understanding.  For example, many people might be confused by the 
following perfectly valid selector:

      div>h1+*#text a[title~="W3C"][class="external"]:visited:hover

If your eyes just glazed over or your head shook in bewilderment, 
then the SelectORacle can help!
    Users can input selectors in a semi-colon-delimited fashion, enter 
complete stylesheets, or provide the URL of a stylesheet anywhere on 
the World Wide Web.  Please feel free to visit the SelectORacle at:


This page serves as an entry into the system, and includes notes on 
the current behavior and limitations of the tool, as well as our 
plans for its future.
    So if you've ever come across a CSS selector which just didn't 
make sense, here's your ticket to clearing away the mystery. 
Suggestions, critiques, and problem reports are all welcome!

Eric Meyer
Internet Applications Manager          e-mail:
The OPAL Group / Technical Services     voice: (216) 986-0710 ext. 21             fax: (216) 986-0714

Received on Friday, 13 April 2001 10:39:33 UTC