Re: New CSS utility: SelectORacle

* Eric Meyer wrote:
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>    So if you've ever come across a CSS selector which just didn't 
>make sense, here's your ticket to clearing away the mystery. 
>Suggestions, critiques, and problem reports are all welcome!

Hm, I miss a feature that shows me the direct relationship between the
selector and the produced text. Your example

> div>h1+*#text a[title~="W3C"][class="external"]:visited:hover


  Selects any a element with a title attribute with a value that
  contains the word W3C, a class attribute with the exact value
  external, whose target has been visited and which is in a hover state
  that is a descendant of any element with an id attribute with a value
  of text that follows a h1 element that is a child of a div element.

People in your target group will possibly ask "Why does it select any
'a' element???" and the SelectORacle doesn't help them much with this

But it's a cool tool :-)
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