RE: Default XSL stylesheet for XHTML documents

At 3:30 PM -0400 10/2/00, Jelks Cabaniss wrote:
>Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
>>  Which again begs the question: why hasn't anyone produced a decent
>>     X(HT)ML + CSS -> PDF
>>  converter?
>What about Adobe Acrobat?  Couldn't you just "print to PDF" from your
>favorite UA?

You could, and I think that's what people hope will eventually 
happen; but the fact is even if tomorrow Netscape or IE suddenly 
offered full and accurate support for CSS2, they will still wouldn't 
be suitable for publishing. There are a LOT of holes in browser 
printing support that would be considered show-stoppers in a word 
processor, much less a desktop publishing program.

For instance, in Netscape 4 on the Mac if one page of the print out 
goes a little too far over the right edge of the paper, then every 
page printed out is doubled up with a blank page. There are a lot of 
other little problems, as well as just a general cluelessness about 
proper printing support.

Bottom line: browsers print well enough to let you read something 
offline. They don't print well enough to let you do professional 
quality work like TeX or Quark. That's where I see XSL-FO fitting in. 
I want to be able to use one style sheet to produce an online book in 
HTML+CSS and another to produce the PDF file I send to the printer.

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