RE: Mailing list request

Matthew Brealey wrote:

> I\'m not sure what anyone else thinks, but it would be nice to
> have all messages from this list sent from www-style rather
> than
> This would make it quicker to reply to messages (no need to CC),
> eliminate duplicate messages, and also ensure that I don\'t get
> any more Out-of-office autoreply messages because the mailbot
> filters it out.

I agree wholeheartedly.  You have to "Reply to All" to send it to the list,
in which case if you don't prune the "To" and "CC" out of politeness,
everybody gets 2 messages -- one from the list and one from you.  Or if you
absently just "Reply" (which is what most people do by default), it doesn't
make it to the list.

But for some strange reason, duplicate messages seem the accepted protocol
on public W3C lists.  Maybe it creates a perception of greater activity on
less-frequented lists.  ...

(Though this is not perculiar to www-style -- it's most, if not all, of the
public W3C lists.)


Received on Monday, 2 October 2000 15:55:35 UTC