Various comments on selectors' Test Suite

5.2.1 Grouping

	question : test if a group of selectors with one of the
	selectors being invalid invalidates all the group ?

5.3 Universal selector

	Should also test an omitted * ?

5.4 Type selectors

	On my browser, all the document is sans-serif so it is
	difficult to check if the first rule on H1 is applied
	I run NS4.7 on Sparc+X

5.5 Descendant selectors

	Typo in the title : DescEndant
	I suggest "Descendant combinators" instead of "Descendant selectors"
	and more generally use "combinators" when appropriate (5.5 -> 5.7)

5.6 Child selectors

	sans-serif font invisible. See 5.4 comment

5.7 Adjacent selectors

	I have one general comment on testing selectors that some browsers
	don't implement : using - if it is correctly implemented - the
	grouping mechanism and the error handling allows to build confirmed
	tests :

		E, F + G { color :red }

	E and G are red if and only if the rule is not thrown away because
	the selector's part is invalid...

5.8.1 Attribute Selectors

	A[HREF=""] {color: maroon;}

	I suggest testing some other element/attribute pair ; possible
	visibility conflicts with the link/visited user defaults or
	just visual confusion.

	testing whitespaces around "~=" missing

5.8.3 Class selectors

	The first rule needs the implementation of the universal selector.
	For instance NS4.7 on my platform correctly implements class
	selectors but not "*". So your test is false but it should be true...
	Suggestion : test only with a real type element selector

5.9 ID selectors

	Suggestion : add a P with ID "id11" and check if it is green or not
	(should *not* be green)

5.10 Pseudo-class combinations


5.11.4 :lang

	already posted to www-style in a previous message

5.12.1 :first-line

	I suggest adding a UL carrying class cl2, with two long items,
	and check if the first line of the first item is in big letters.

5.12.2 :first-letter



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