Re: CSS2 Test Suite: Selectors draft

> Hello all,
>    Well, we're finally underway with the CSS2 Test Suite.  The first
> "module" is now available for comment:
> Please make note of the very obvious warning paragraph at the top of that
> page, and take it to heart.  Then feel free to roam through the tests and
> comment on them by posting to this list.  I'm especially interested in
> catching any errors, of course, but this is also an excellent time to make
> suggestions, general comments, propose additional tests, and so on.
>    I intend to move forward by taking the specification a "module" at a
> time, where "module" is currently defined as a chapter of the CSS2
> specification.  (The modularization of CSS3 may or may not have an impact
> on this definition.)  I don't have a firm schedule, but I hope to release a
> new module roughly every fifteen business days.
> --
> Eric A. Meyer  -  -
>  Editor, Style Sheets Reference Guide
>  Coordinator, CSS1 Test Suite
>  Member, WSP CSS Technical Committee

Yeah !!! (and I know how hard it is to write a Test Suite ;-)

Comment on lang() test [1] :

	The lang() pseudo is explicitely described as equivalent
	to the " |= " notation. So it should also test dialects.
	I suggest adding a third paragraph with language "de_ch"
	(is it legal for swiss-german ?) for example and see if
	it becomes purple.



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